AION E-Commerce

Add AI to the user experience of your customers by providing them with smart chatbots that can take purchase and delivery orders 24/7, in the most vivid, natural and fastest way possible.

Bring the AI dimension to your customer support by assisting your clients through an intelligent assistant able to present your company and its products as well as to take a purchase and/or delivery order by smoothly collecting all the necessary information about the customer and their needs.

In addition, we also provide the chatbot integration to the most popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, not to mention the integration on your own website.


AION Calendar

Save your valuable time and improve your productivity by automating your professional calendar through a quick, well-designed and low-cost appointment scheduling smart assistant.

By introducing AI to your customer service, you will no more be wasting time and resources in tasks as simple and boring as setting an appointment. In fact, a chatbot is the ultimate choice in such scenarios, it can assist your customers any time & take their reservations according to your availability.

We also provide the integration to the most popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Skype, not to mention the integration on your own website.

custom bot

Custom Chatbots

You have an innovative idea of a specific & personalized chatbot? AION have an experienced team of researchers, engineers and developers capable of turning your idea into a  chatbot.

Voice Assistants

custom app

Personalized Alexa Skills Development

We develop personalized public Alexa Skills for enterprises, agencies, professionals and individuals that already use Alexa devices or planning to adopt the voice assistant technology into their lives.

Whatever functionality that you like Alexa to help you with, we will develop it for you.

When your skill is ready to be deployed, you can choose to make it public ( available for all users in the amazon store ), or you can choose it to be private ( use it alone and won’t be featured in the amazon store ).

If you choose to deploy your skill as public, you choose if it will be available for your users for free or to charge money by either:

    • Selling real products to the users inside your skill.
    • Providing monthly subscriptions.
    • Selling consumable content that can be bought repeatedly.
    • Making your users buy the skill from the start only once and they can access the content forever.

Our Alexa Skills

poker game logo alexa skill

Poker Game

Poker Game is an Alexa Skill that is developed with the aim of providing a real and enjoyable game experience to its users. It is a unique challenge that allows players to have fun as if they are around real tables with real opponents.

The best thing about Poker Game is that you can use it for free and get a high-level game quality while playing with competitive bots according to the rules of the most popular poker variant which is Texas Hold’em.

This free Alexa skill will be your virtual casino where you can play poker easily thanks to the design adopted as well as the user-friendly interface.

More information about this skill [here].

You can find The Poker Game in the Alexa Skills Store [link].

Trivia Land Alexa Skill

Trivia Land

Trivia land is an Alexa skill that has 10 questions categories with the possibility to choose all of them as your playing option.

Trivia land is designed for the people who are beginners in the game and want to play a knowledge game that is easy, which is why we have made the questions difficulty as easy.

More information about this skill [here].

You can find Trivia Land in the Alexa Skills Store [link].

Trivia Show

Are you good enough to become the start of the show? You need to correctly answer a series of multiple-choice questions in order to advance and gain more points. Questions are increasing in difficulty, if you answer incorrectly before reaching a safe haven, you lose a lot of points.

Trivia Show is a cool quiz game where you can challenge your brain and test your knowledge in your favorite categories and themes. This fun trivia game is smart and unique, it was inspired by famous game shows. Unlike in TV shows, Alexa will be your host.

More information about this skill [here].

You can find Trivia Show in the Alexa Skills Store [link].

Prisoner’s Dilemma Game

Enjoy the social experience of the Prisoner’s Dilemma through this free skill. Just enable the skill in your device and kick it off using “Alexa, open prisoner’s dilemma game”.

In fact, the prisoner’s dilemma is a standard example in game theory in which two players simultaneously face a choice between two options : to cooperate or to defect. 

It illustrates a situation where two completely rational individuals might not cooperate, even if it appears that it is in their best interests to do so.

More information about this skill [here].

You can find Prisoner’s Dilemma Game in the Alexa Skills Store [link].