Chatbots are becoming increasingly pervasive and an indispensable tool for communication. In fact, by getting a smart assistant for your business you’re not only boosting the user experience (UX) of your customers, but more likely avoiding your time being wasted in repetitive tasks that could be automated.

AION offers you an end-to-end smart assistant solution going from defining the objectives of your chatbot all the way to the test and deployment phase.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants

By relying on the latest breakthroughs in disruptive domains such as Deep Learning and Internet of Things, voice assistants are now acting in a way very close to human behaviors by interacting with their interlocutors, answering questions, playing games or even executing specific actions in the physical world.

Nowadays Alexa and Google Assistant are offering revolutionary voice experiences, with AION you have the opportunity to create and deploy your own applications inside these platforms.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is the approach to get you the maximum results in a minimum time. It clarifies your steps towards achieving the best product-market fit. This approach is for businesses to embrace the loop of feedback towards a better human-centered user experience.

Thanks to our expertise in this domain, you’ll be able to save time and money by revolutionizing the way you design, implement and sell your products & services. 

Internet of Things
data science

Data Analytics

Data is shaping innovation across a wide variety of industries, including yours. Now it is time for you to take actions towards adopting data centric solutions. It’s time to embrace Data and gain valuable business insights from this profitable resource.

In AION, we help you find tailored Data analytics solutions and consulting services that will enable your company to make the best out of your data.

The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities to interconnect the real and virtual worlds. This growing wave is building the Internet of the future, and is radically changing our way of seeing and interacting with technology.

The IoT revolution is also changing the way businesses track and leverage data. If fact, with IoT in place, many processes could be optimized or improved. If you have specifications for a smart device or an idea for an IoT project, AION can help you bring it out into existence.

Internet of Things