About us

About Us

AION is a team of researchers and engineers who work together to design, create and produce disruptive products and services, mainly in the sphere of Conversational Artificial Intelligence.

We believe that using AI powered smart bots is the right solution to implement with the rise of technology. Given their intelligence and efficiency, it’s just a matter of time for humanity to fully adopt and rely on it, in order to go further and achieve greater goals.

Our goal is simple  :

Our goal is simple  : To help you create value for your business through those disruptive technologies, namely AI, chatbots, and voice assistants applications.



Interested, graduated and researcher in Machine Learning and Cyber Security.
He received his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics in 2014, then a master’s in cryptography and information security. 

He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. as a researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security.


Technical project manager.  As an engineer for more than 6 years, he now holds the post of Chief Technical Officer in Monark IT.

He is actively working on Web and Mobile development and DevOps. 

He is also an active contributor on Open Source projects.


His research interests include security, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.
He got a computer science engineering degree in 2010. 

Then he got his Ph.D. in Computer Science ( IoT & Information Security) in 2020. 

He is now working as IT project manager.