Book suggestion:

The book suggestion Alexa skill is an ultimate tool that will help you to decide what to read next whenever you are confused . Thanks to a vast database of books with different authors and types , you will get access to a collection of personalized book recommendations provided according to your own preferences.
Whether you are a bookworm or you are just looking for something to read in your free time , Book Suggestion is your virtual library gui

  • To launch the skill, just say: "Alexa, open book suggestion"

  • To search for a book, say: "can you search for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "

  • to learn more about an author say: "Search for the author J. K. Rowling"

    • To suggest a book in a specific topic, say: "give me a book about science"

    • To show a liste of categories, just say: "get all book genres"

    • To show a cover of a book, just say: "show me the cover of diary of a wimpy kid"

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