Poker Game

Poker Game is an Alexa Skill that is developed with the aim of providing a real and enjoyable game experience to its users. It is a unique challenge that allows players to have fun as if they are around real tables with real opponents.

The best thing about Poker Game is that you can use it for free and get a high-level game quality while playing with competitive bots according to the rules of the most popular poker variant which is Texas Hold’em.

This free Alexa skill will be your virtual casino where you can play poker easily thanks to the design adopted as well as the user-friendly interface.



  • To launch the game or skill, just say: "’Alexa, open Poker Game"

  • To close the skill, say : "Exit"

  • To know more about the skill say : "About poker"

    • To start playing, say : "start"

    • To ask about your current situation during the game, say : "What is my situation"

    • To ask about your position in the table, say : "What is my position"

      • To know what your hole cards are, say : "What are my cards"

      • If you want to know what the community cards are, say : "What are the community cards"

      • To know the amount of chips that you still have, say : "What’s my balance"

        • If you didn't hear what Alexa said, you can ask her to repeat. To do that, say : "Repeat please"

        • If you want to play another game, say : "Repeat please"

        • if you're ready to advance to the next turn, say : "Ready"

          • To take an action during the game, you can say one of the following : "call, fold, check, raise + (amount), raise all"

          • If you're not sure what an action does, you can tell alexa to explain it, to do that, say : "what's + (action)". EX : ''what is fold"

          • You can ask alexa to explain each of the ranking hands, to do that, say : "What is + (hand name)". EX : "what is Royal flush"

            Terms of use

            – License to Use Poker Game grants you a non-exclusive right and license to access, use and display the services and functionalities provided within the skill for your personal and commercial purposes, provided that you fully comply with these Terms of use.

            – The functionalities and all of the content this skill contains, or may in the future contain, including but not limited to all copyrights, images, and logos is proprietary to Monark IT.

            – Unless expressly permitted in writing by Monark IT, you shall not capture, reproduce, sell, license, modify, create derivative works from or based upon, republish, reverse engineer, or exploit in whole or in part any Poker Game materials.

            – You may not gain (or attempt to gain) unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.

            – We do not collect any of your Personal Information.

            – Monark IT reserves the right to update these terms of use at any time by amending this page.

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